Mozzie Attract Ocentol Slow Release Lure – #71620

Mozzie Attract Mosquito Lure

Catalogue No. 71620

Zapper Models YGMT100, Yard Guard & Stinger zappers

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Mosquito Lure- Mozzie Attract

Use Mozzie Attract with all models of bug zapper and trappers.  

Scientific studies prove that octenol attracts mosquitoes, sandflies and midgies by mimicking human sweat.

Mozzie attract is slow release and effective for 30 days upon opening the sealed plastic packaging pouch.

All of our outdoor bug zappers are compatible with the octenol lure including:

  • Yard Guard Bug Zappes
  • Yard Guard Traps such as Bug Vac and Mosquito Trap
  • Stinger Bug Zappers such as Stinger 20W, Stinger 40W, Stinger Solar, Stinger Bug Sentinel
  • Mozzie Attack Plus
  • Bug Destroyer/ Bug Blaster
  • Coolabah 20 Watt


  1. Remove the octenol lure from the sealed plastic bag.
  2. Position the pad into the cage supplied in the pack.
  3. Attach the cage to the bug zapper
  4. Lure will be effective for 30 days once opened.

Approved by the APVMA.

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