Stinger Bug Zapper Model SBK20 (with energy saving globe)

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Stinger 20W20 Watt Stinger Bug Zapper

The Stinger 20 Watt Bug  Zapper features:

  • Replaceable 20W Energy Saving UV globe
  • 1/2  acre coverage.
  • 2000v electrified grid will kill insects when they fly into it.
  • New single layer vertical grid will kill more insects with it’s large surface area.
  • Hanging hook
  • Weatherproof construction for use outdoors.
  • This bug zapper is suitable for permanent outdoor use

Suitable for:

The Stinger 20W bug zapper is suitable for suburban properties with low numbers of insects, also suitable for apartments and townhouses.


Best use: All day / night operation.
Standard use: Dusk to dawn operation.

* NB For attracting flies and mosquitoes outdoors we recommend baiting the bug zapper- refer Mozzie Attract. Also coming soon Fly Attract (expected Feb 2018 release)

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