Stinger Home Insect Control Station Replacement Glue Boards 71962


Stinger Home Insect Control Station Replacement Glue Boards 3PK- 71962

Use the 3pk glue boards 71962 with the Stinger Insect Control Station to trap and kill flying insects.  The Stinger Insect Control Station provides all your insect control needs in one device.

  1. Attract and kill flying insects to a replaceable glue board
  2. Repel crawling insects with the built in pest repeller.

Use the attractant UV globe and pest repeller together or independently.

The portability of the insect control station makes this product an absolute must for your home, caravan or bedrooms. Charge it up for 8 hours and then enjoy the 6-8 hours of bug attraction.

Glue Board Features

  • 3 Pack of glue boards
  • easy to remove adhesive cover to protect them before installation
  • Chartreuse coloured this colour is proven to be most attractive to flies
  • Glue boards include an insect attractant designed to attract more insects
  • Extra tacky glue makes it next to impossible for any insects to detach from the boards
  • Board dimensions: 125 x 180 mm

Globe Model Number. 71462

Buy the replacement globe here

 Insect Killer Model numbers 71968

* NB For attracting flies indoors we recommend baiting the bug zapper- refer Fly attract

Also available from Bunnings here

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