Yard Guard Bug Vac Flying Insect Trap Model BV1

Yard Guard Bug Vac Insect Trapper Model BV1

The Bug Vac provides silent operation and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  1. Attracts insects with 8 watt UV globe
  2. Captures flying insects by fan forcing them downwards
  3. Kills insects by drowning them in water filled tray


  • Weatherproof construction for outdoor use.
  • Silent operation
  • Hanging handle or shelf mount.
  • Constructed from fire retardant UV stabilized plastic
  • Becomes self baiting after dead insects decompose in the water filled drawer.
  • Replaceable UV globe cat #71450
  • Purchase the globe online https://bugzapperlamps.com.au/product/71450/


Shelf mount or hang the BV1 off a balcony, awning, tree or garden post. Do not position your bug trap over a heat source, pool, pond or water feature.  Always make sure the power plug is under cover. Try to position your BV1 as far away from your outdoor dining space as possible. This will aid in re-directing flying insects away from your dining area, and towards the bug trap located in a different area.

Increase the effectiveness of the Bug Vac on flies and mosquitoes by adding specific insect lures.

Suitable for:

The Bug Vac is suitable for use in suburban and rural applications. Most suitable for areas of high insect infestation, or properties in close proximity to rivers, lakes, dams or other water ways.


Insects are attracted to the UV light, as they fly towards the light, they are forced downwards by the inbuilt fan, into the water filled draw and drown.  The drawer must have several drops of detergent added to it. This helps break up the water tension. Without detergent in the drawer, insects will bounce off the surface and fly away.

For extra mosquito attraction, consider adding Mozzie Attract Ocentol Lure or Fly Attract to the outside of the water filled drawer.

Mozzie Attack Plus Octenol Lure No. 71620

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