Bug Zappers & Replacement Globes

Stinger 40W
Secta-Rid Bug Zapper Model SR-20C (Compact)
#71485 - Yard Guard Mosquito Trap
Stinger | Yard Guard | Bug Destroyer | Bug Sentinel | Secta-Rid
Bug Zapper Range
#71452 - Mozzie Attack - Purple globe
Stinger 40W
#71493 - insectivoro globe
#71485 - Yard Guard Mosquito Trap globe
Stinger | Yard Guard | Bug Blaster | Bug Destroyer | Bug Sentinel | BUG VAC | Coolabah | ElecraZAPP | Home Guard | Lantern Guard | Insect Control Station | Secta-Rid | SectaZAPP
Replacement Globe Range
Mozzie Attract Mosquito Lure
Mozzie Attack
Bug Zapper Accessories

How to identify the correct replacement lamp for your Bug Zapper

How To Find Lamp Catalogue NumbersBug Zappers & Lamp Catalogue Numbers

If you know the Bug Zapper name or lamp catalogue number, enter it into the search below. Don't forget to place a # at the beginning of the lamp number to find your replacement lamp!