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What is the right Bug Zapper for you?

A flyWhat type of insects am I trying to attract?

Not all insects are light sensitive; so sometimes you will need to bait your bug zapper to attract specific insects. The UV light will attract moths and flying ants to the bug zapper, however mosquitoes and flies are not especially UV light sensitive.


Are attracted to carbon dioxide, which is why mozzies will always chose to bite us over a zapping insect killer.

  1. Run the bug zapper 24/7. This way the bug zapper heats up which will aid in attracting mosquitoes. Running the bug zapper in this manner also helps to reduce mosquito breeding, decreasing the localised mosquito population over time.
  2. Consider adding a lure specifically designed for mosquitoes. We recommend Mozzie Attract; a lure scientifically proven to attract mosquitoes by way of mimicking human sweat. This lure is a 30 day slow release lure that is easy and quick to install on your bug zapper to increase its effectiveness on mosquitoes significantly.
  3. We do manufacture two mosquito specific bug zappers with special spectrum (black) UV lights. They glow purple and this light has been proven to be more attractive to mosquitoes and other biting insects than a standard UV light. Products you should look for include Yard Guard Mosquito Trap and Mozzie Attack Plus.


Are more attracted to scent than light outdoors, which is why flies chose us and our meals over the bug zapper.

  1. Run the bug zapper 24/7. This way the bug zapper heats up which will aid in attracting flies. Running the bug zapper 24/7 also helps reduce the fly breeding cycle, decreasing localised fly population over time.
  2. Consider baiting the bug zapper. Suggestions are as varied from smearing some honey on the outside of the cage to hanging a stocking with mince meet in it.
  3. We do have a fly lure that will be available early 2018 called Fly attract. This lure has been specifically designed to attract the common house fly to a bug zapper. This lure is a 30 day slow release lure that is quick and easy to install on your bug zapper.
  4. We do manufacture a bug zapper which is specifically designed to attract flies, this is the Bug Vac. Once there are a few drowned insects in the draw, it becomes self-baiting, attracting flies.

Most people want to attract all insects; in which case we would suggest adding a Mozzie Attract lure and Fly Attract Lure to your bug zapper to broaden its appeal to all insects.

Bug Destroyer being used in a courtyard

Where will I position the Bug Zapper?

All of our outdoor bug zappers are IPX4 rated and can be left outside in all weather conditions. The aim is to attract the insects away from where you spend your time outdoors, not to where you are eating/sitting. Re position your bug zapper until you find the perfect location to rid your space of insects.

The best position for a bug zapper:

  • As far away from where you spend your time as possible.
  • Try to avoid installing them near doors or windows.
  • Ideally position your bug zapper at the far end of your backyard or patio.

Make sure the bug zapper you purchase is at least IPX4 rated, which means it can be permanently left outside. Some other brands are only suitable for undercover areas.
All our Outdoor Lanterns (All Yard Guard Units and all Stinger Units except Insect Control Station) are IPX4 rated which means they can be left outdoors.

Bug Zappers - Mozzie Attack PlusHow powerful does my bug zapper need to be?

Many consumers purchase bug zappers based on lamp wattage. This is a common error and bug zapper myth.
The lamp wattage will attract insects over a larger area. Lamp wattage does not make a bug zapper more powerful. In fact attracting too many insects to a 2000V model can overload the grid and stop it from working.

Small Insect Killers

Many smaller insect killers are powered from a solid state PCB. This type of bug zapper (Stinger Branded Bug Zappers) have an electrified grid with 2000V, and is suitable for suburban applications with low insect populations.
They will work effectively and adequately in a small back yard, however the electrified grid should be cleaned regularly to prevent any chance of the grid over loading.

Large Premium Bug Zappers

Larger premium bug zappers are powered from a high voltage transformer (Yard Guard 30W and Yard Guard 50W). We use Taiwanese transformers that have been thoroughly tested to operative effectively in Australian conditions. Many bug zappers using transformers do not operate in high heat and humidity adequately. A transformer will generally explode smaller insects on impact, reducing the need to clean the grid, however large moths can still short a grid, so its sensible to clean the grid regularly.

Transformer Powered Bug Zapper

A Transformer powered bug zapper has an electrified grid with 5000V, making it almost three times as powerful as the Stinger product range. This type of bug zapper is more suitable for semi-rural/ rural applications or suburban areas with large insect populations.
Premium bug zappers are manufactured with a large grid which is capable of zapping all the flying insects that land on the grid.
The lamp wattage will attract bugs over a larger area, which shouldn’t be a problem for the premium Yard Guard Models.
Gardening with Stinger

What size area do I want to attract insects over?

Most people purchase bug zappers to be used in their suburban backyards, usually no more than a ½ acre. All of our stinger range would be suitable for this type of application, as would the Mozzie Attack Plus, Yard Guard Bug Vac and Yard Guard Mosquito Trap.
A 20W lamp is really all you need for a suburban size yard, any brighter and you will be attracting flying insects from all over your neighbourhood.

If your back yard is located near a river or dam, or there are large volumes of months or other flying insects we would recommend you consider purchasing a bug zapper/trapper from the Yard Guard Range. They are purpose designed to eradicate large insect infestations.

Any space over ¾ acre we would suggest the premium and powerful range of Yard Guards.

So what bug zapper is right for me?

Suburban block/apartment/townhouse

Semi rural/rural application

  • Premium branded Yard Guard models are most suited to large areas.
  • Need a little more help with unwanted insects? Try the following: