FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below is a list of the most common FAQ we encounter at the office.


Bug zapper FAQ

How does a bug zapper work?

A bug zapper attracts light sensitive insects using an Ultraviolet (UVA) long wave globe. As light sensitive insects fly towards the globe, they pass through an electrified killing grid, zapping them on entry.

Will a bug zapper upset my pets?

Cats, dogs and birds don’t usually react to the sounds of a bug zapper but if your pet reacts negatively;  switch off your bug zapper and relocate it away from your pet.

Is a 2000-volt or 5000-volt bug zapper dangerous?

Bug zapper grids have a high voltage, but a low current. Any contact with the grid will result with an electric shock, like that of an electric fence or a car battery. The shock will hurt but isn’t dangerous for people in good health.  The design and safety features of outer cage prevents any access to the electrified grid on every Kelly Company bug zapper model.

Is my bug zapper waterproof?

Yes, all outdoor bug zappers are weatherproof and can be installed and operated outdoors but keep the plug and socket undercover. Only the Insect Control station and Secta Rid commercial zappers are not suitable for outdoor use.

Will my bug zapper catch fire if it gets too hot?

Our range of bug zappers is constructed from flame retardant plastic or metal.  If for any reason they ignite, they will automatically extinguish and melt, but will not burn. This is a requirement of Australian Safety Standards.

Do I need to turn my bug zapper on and off each time I use it?

The most efficient and effective way to run a bug zapper is to leave it on 24/7. By doing this, you help break down the insect breeding cycle. Alternatively, run your bug zapper from dusk to dawn.

Does my bug zapper come with a catch tray?

Only indoor bug zappers are supplied with catch trays (Bug Sentinel, Home Insect Control Station and SectaRid commercial bug zappers).  Outdoor models are not supplied with catch trays.


Replacement Globe FAQ

Where do I find replacement globes?

Purchase replacement globes from our website www.bugzapperlamps.com.au or from Bunnnings Special Orders.  Bunnings has #71470 (RB15) and #71475 (RB20) on the shelf. Contact Bunnings special order department or go online www.bunnings.com.au

How do I know which replacement globe I need to buy for my bug zapper?

U shape and Edison screw globes have a 5-digit catalogue number starting with a “7” on the plastic rim of the globe. For replacement straight globes with 2 pins either side, the catalogue number is located on the bug zapper rating label.

Where is the rating label situated on my bug zapper?

Insect Control Station & Bug Sentinel: Rating label is under the bug zapper base.
Yard Guard/ Stinger/ Mozzie Attack / Bug Destroyer/ Mosquito Trap: Rating label is located inside the cage and under the hood.
Bug Vac: Rating label is on the back of the bug zapper.
SectaRid units: Rating label is on the side of the bug zapper.

When should I replace my bug zapper globe?

Replace a bug zapper globe when the bulb is turning black at the ends, is flickering,  stopped illuminating or appears dull.
If your bug zapper lights up but doesn’t zap, please call customer service 1800 677 982


Bug Zapper Location FAQ

What is the best outdoor location for my bug zapper?

The best location for an outdoor bug zapper is away from your dining / seating area. For additional information, refer to the installation suggestions in the bug zapper manual. We suggest that a bug zapper be located at least 2 metres away from where you sit (if possible) and at least 1.5 metres high, locations such as an awning or the outside of a balcony are ideal. Do not position the bug zapper above a dining table, above a pool or above a heat source.

Can I use a bug zapper inside?

We have a range of commercial bug zappers www.sectarid.com.au and two indoor rechargeable bug zappers (Home Insect Control Station and Bug Sentinel) purpose designed for indoor use.
Other Stinger and Yard Guard models will operate indoors, however clean the zapper and it’s resting surface frequently stopping the build up of dead bugs. Dead bugs are brittle and may catch fire. Catch trays for outdoor models are not available.


Which insect killer is best for my household?

Suburban block

Stinger 20W / Stinger 40 / Mozzie Attack Plus/ Bug Blaster/ Bug Destroyer: are suitable for suburban blocks, apartments, townhouses, areas without large insect infestation.
20 watt is most suited to a ½ acre block. 40 watt is most suited to a larger suburban block.
Yard Guard Bug Vac / Yard Guard Mosquito Trap: are suitable for suburban, semi rural or rural applications, areas with large and smaller insect infestations.
Stinger Solar Bug Zapper: is suitable for suburban areas without access to mains power. Bug sentinel can also be used outdoors, protects over 80 Square metre area.

Semi Rural/ Acerage/ Rural block

Yard Guard 30/ Yard Guard 50W: are suitable for large areas,, areas with considerable volumes of insects, homes near lakes, rivers, damns and marshes (insect breeding locations)
Yard Guard Bug Vac / Yard Guard Mosquito Trap: are suitable for suburban, semi rural or rural applications, areas with large and smaller insect infestations.


Stinger Bug Sentinel/ Home Insect Control Station: Suitable for Indoor use. Bug sentinel can also be used outdoors, protects over 80 Square metre area.
Sectarid SR20 Design/ Décor/ Luralite: are suitable for use in homes, commercial kitchens, restaurants, cafes, waerehouse and industrial use, supermarkets.
Sectarid SR20C, SR20SS, SR40A SR40SS, SZ40: are suitable for use in homes, warehouses, schools and industrial settings


Bug Zapper lures FAQ

Does a bug zapper only attract light sensitive insects?

A standard UV globe (glows blue) in a bug zapper is most effective on flying insects such as moths and flying ants, and to a lesser extent, flies and mosquitoes.
A black UV globe (glows violet) is attractive to biting insects such as mosquitoes, sandflies & midges in addition to flies and other light sensitive insects.

How can I attract mosquitoes to my bug zapper?

Use an Octenol lure like Mozzie Attract™. Scientific studies show Octenol attracts mozzies by mimicking human sweat. Mozzie attract lures are impregnated pads supplied in individual cages that easily attach to your bug zapper. Available online https://bugzapperlamps.com.au/product/71620/ or from Bunnings Hardware=https://www.bunnings.com.au/mozzie-attract-octenol-attractant_p3340280

Two mosquito specific designed mosquito traps/zappers are Mozzie Attack Plus™ and Yard Guard Mosquito Trap™, featuring ocentol lure and black UV light.

How do I attract flies to my bug zapper?

Flies are attracted to scent over light or heat. For best results in attracting flies, we suggest baiting your bug zapper with Fly Attract or food.
DIY food-based fly baits for flies are quick and simple. We suggest smearing honey and sugar on the outside of the bug zapper cage or hanging a stocking with cat food or mincemeat on the cage.

We are soon to release a new lure called Fly Attract. Fly Attract is a slow release lure suitable for use on all bug zappers. The active ingredient is APVMA approved and aids in attracting flies to your bug zapper. This lure has no odour and can be used on bug zappers inside or outside.

Is Mozzie Attract safe to use around my family and pets?

Kelly Company Lures such as Mozzie Attract have been approved by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority). This is your guarantee that it is safe to use around your family and pets.
Mozzie Attract has a distinctive odour, we suggest using this lure outdoors only.


Technical FAQ

My bug zapper still lights up but doesn’t zap anymore.
Please call customer service on 1800 677 982

Sometimes my bug zapper zaps as soon a I turn it on, is this normal?

Zapping upon initial power up is normal. Subsequent zapping will only occur when insects are on the grid.

My bug zapper keeps zapping even though there are no insects inside, what is happening?

This is more likely to occur on an old chicken wire grid but can occur on vertical rod grid. Large insects can push metal grids closer together resulting in steady arcing between grids.  If this occurs, please call customer service on 1800 677 982.

What is the difference between an insect trapper and an insect zapper?

An insect trapper lures insects with a light and / or bait and traps insects without zapping them. Trappers use glue boards, nets or a water filled drawer to eradicate flying insects. Insect trappers are silent which makes them suitable for use indoors. Use Sectarid commercial insect trappers indoors in restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Insect zappers use an electrically charged killing grid to electrocute insects, these bug zappers zap each time an insect flies between the electrically charged grid. Bugs explode on impact with the grid.  The constant zapping and exploding insects means these units may not be suitable for indoor use.

How long do I need to charge my rechargeable bug zapper?

Charge your rechargeable bug zappersfor 8-10 hours to provide up to 6 hours operation time. They will not operate when charging.

Is a bug zapper safe to use around my family and pets?

The Ultraviolet light is UVA longwave which is safe to use around humans and animals, not shortwave Ultraviolet light used in sunbeds and solariums.