Bug Zapper Replacement Globes​

Why are replacement globes important to use?

  • Bug Zappers have special UV globes designed to emit specific light wavelengths to attract flying insects. This UV light is safe to use around your family and pets.
  • Make sure your bug zapper is attracting flying insects by replacing it with the same globe wattage.
  • Do not use globes with wattage’s higher than specified on your zappers rating plate (the rating plate is located under the hood of your bug zapper)
  • Globe wattage’s determine coverage and areas of attraction. Ensure you are using the same wattage as the original globe
  • Keep your product weatheproof by using original Yard Guard Globes.
  • UV lamps lose their brightness over time, we suggest replacing your globe annually or as soon as light output is reduced.

If you know the your Bug Zapper name or globe catalogue number, enter it into the search or click on the links below to help you find the globe you need.