Bug Zapper Replacement Globes

Replacement globesListed below are the reasons why it is important to use original replacement globes for your bug zappers.

Why are replacement globes important to use?

  • The original globe was custom designed and manufactured to emit a specific wavelength that provides the greatest attraction to flying insects. Replacing it with the same globe will ensure maximum performance of your bug zapper.
  • In some cases the original globe design has been used to achieve IPX4 weather proof rating; the use of original globe will ensure the IPX4 weather proof feature is not compromised or lost.
  • The specification of the globe determines the coverage / attraction area of the bug zapper. Use of only original replacement globes will┬ámake sure that the bug zapper performs to maximum coverage
  • In some cases the original globe length and diameter of the glass tube and fittings are required for compliance with Australian and New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards and the use of non original globes may compromise the compliance. Be safe use only original replacement globes.

If you know the your Bug Zapper name or globe catalogue number, enter it into the search or click on the links below to help you find the globe you need.

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