Yard Guard Mosquito Trap Model YGMT100

#71485 - Yard Guard Mosquito Trap

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Yard Guard Mosquito TrapYard Guard Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Trap Features

  • 1/2 acre coverage
  • Replaceable round black UV lamp will attract biting insects
  • Internal heat plate will mimic human body temperature.
  • “Mozzie Attract” (scientifically proven) will attract biting insects such as mozzies and sandflies.
  • Waterproof construction.Suitable for outdoor use.
  • Save low 12 volt operation.
  • Quick and easy installation for immediate use.
  • Replace slow release lure after 30 days


Mozzie Attract lure, heat plate and Black UV globe will attract biting insects to the trap and force them down into a net where they will dehydrate and die.  This trap attracts mosquitoes, sand flies and midges but other insects will also be attracted by the light.

Best use: Running the trap all day and all night.
Standard use: Running the trap from dusk to dawn.

Suitable for

Suburban and rural properties.  Ideal for areas with lots of mosquitoes.

Replacement globes are available from our website.

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