Stinger Rechargeable Bug Zapper 71982


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Stinger Rechargeable Bug Zapper 71982

Stinger Rechargeable 71982 is our newest addition to Bunnings promotional range for 2019.

The Stinger Rechargeable Bug Zapper features:

  • Portable, rechargeable and cordless.
  • 4 watt replaceable LED globe.
  • Replacement globe item number 71461.
  • Purchase replacement globe here
  • Lithium Ion battery provides better and longer lasting performance than standard lead acid batteries.
  • 1000V electrified grid.
  • 80 square metres of protection.
  • Charge for 8 hours for 6 hours of continuous use.

Stinger Rechargeable Bug Zapper is suitable for:

The Stinger Rechargeable bug zapper is designed for use in smaller area.  Best used when there are not a lot of large insects. Most suited to suburban properties, apartments and townhouses.  Use on the patio when entertaining or outside in the garden.

Why not use it on your next camping and fishing trip? Or leave it running in your caravan to kill the pesky indoor insects.


This bug zapper is not weatherproof rated and is not suitable for permanent outdoor installation.

Best Operation: Locate the bug zapper away from where you sit (not at your table or down near your feet) This will help attract bugs and flying insects away from you.   Do not position the bug zapper on your table or near your outdoor dining area.


Best use: dusk to dawn operation.

Charge time: 8 to 10 hours

Operation time: 6-8 hours.

Stinger Rechargeable will not operate on charge.

* NB For attracting flies and mosquitoes outdoors we recommend baiting the bug zapper- refer Mozzie Attract. and Fly attract

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