15W RB15 U-Bend Globe to suit Stinger 15W and ElectraZapp 15W – 71470


15/20 watt globe for SBK15, SBK20 & EZ15 (with U-Bend globe)

The following models are compatible with the 71470 globe

  • STINGER Model SBK15
  • STINGER Model SBK20

Globe Catalogue No. 71470
Zapper Models SBK15, SBK20 & EZ15 (with U-Bend globe)

15W RB15 U bend Globe for Stinger 15W and ElectraZapp 15W  71470

15W RB15 Globe 71470 should be used in the bug zappers listed below. It is a U bend UV globe with 4 pin fitting. It  should be replaced every twelve months as the Ultraviolet coating breaks down over time.  The RB15 is not interchangeable with the 20W U shape globe for Yard Guard or Stinger.

The following models are compatible with the 15W Replacement Globe Model RB15- 71470

  • Stinger 15W- SBK15
  • ElectraZapp 15W

RB15 Specifications:

  • 4 pin fitting (not compatible with Edison screw fitting)
  • U bend shape
  • 15W replacement globe
  • Globe length: 190mm (base of globe to base of pins- pins not included in measurement)
  • Not shatter proofed
  • Only for use in Stinger 15W  and ElectraZapp 15W with 4 pin fittings
  • For optimum operation of your bug zapper, replace the UV globe every 12 months as the UV coating breaks down over time.
  • Warranty on replacement bulbs is 3 months from the date of purchase
  • Please call the office on 1800 677 982 with any warranty inquiries

Globe Model Number. 71470

Bug Zapper Model number 

  • Stinger 20W- SBK20  71369
  • ElectraZapp 20W 71505

* NB For attracting flies and mosquitoes outdoors we recommend baiting the bug zapper- refer Mozzie Attract. and Fly attract

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