26W Stinger SBK26 ESL 71383

SBK26 – 26 Watt Stinger bug zapper

SBK26 Stinger bug zapper product features are:

  • Replaceable 26W Energy Saving UV globe.
  • Globe category number 71467
  • 3/4  acre coverage.
  • 2000 volt electrified killing grid.
  • Hanging ring.
  • Weatherproof construction for use outdoors.
  • This bug zapper is suitable for permanent outdoor use.
  • Replacement lamp can be purchased online https://bugzapperlamps.com.au/product/71467/

26W Stinger ESL Model SBK26

26W Stinger ESL SBK26 bug zapper features:

  • Shhhhhhhh quiet zapping – you won’t wake up the neighbours or pets anymore!!!!
  • New vertical rod grid electrocutes insects as they fly between the rods! Insects can land on the rod, but once they move around it, they get zapped
  • 26 watt Stinger attracts flying insects over 1 acre.
  • Replaceable 26 watt Energy Saving -UV globe cat 71468
  • Purchase replacement globe here
  • 2000 volt electrified grid.
  • High power electrified grid zaps all insects.
  • Large size grid helps to kill larger quantities of insects.
  • Designed for use in suburban areas
  • Weatherproof construction for continuous outdoor use.
  • Rugged construction from UV stabilised plastic
  • Bug Zapper Model number: 71383

26W Stinger ESL is suitable for:

SBK40 suits suburban and semi rural properties with low insect infestation or suburban properties located near dams, lakes, rivers or river ways.


Hang the SBK26 off a balcony awning, tree or garden post. Do not position your bug zapper over a heat source or pool, pond or water feature.  Always make sure the power plug is under cover. Try to position your Stinger as far away from your outdoor dining space as possible. This will aid in re-directing flying insects away from your dining area, and towards the zapper located in a different area.


Best use:  Run all day and all night.
Standard use: Run from dusk to dawn.

* NB For attracting flies and mosquitoes outdoors we recommend baiting the bug zapper- refer Mozzie Attract. and Fly attract


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