50W Energy Saving Globe to suit Yard Guard 50W #71460


50 watt Energy Saving globe for Yard Guard Model YG5050 (with energy saving globe)

The following models are compatible with the #71460 globe

  • YARD GUARD Model YG5050

Globe Catalogue No. 71460
Zapper Model Yard Guard YG5050 (with energy saving globe)

50W Globe #71460 to suit Yard Guard 50W

50W Energy Saving Globe #71460 is used in the Yard Guard 50W.

RB50ESL  is an energy saving CFL UV globe with Edison screw fitting. Specifically designed for Yard Guard Model YG5050 and not interchageable with any other Yard Guard or Stinger models.

The 50W Globe  can be used to replace globes in the following Zappers

  • Yard Guard 50W model YG5050- purchase bug zapper here

50W Energy Saving Globe #71460 Specifications:

  • Edison Screw Fitting (not compatible with U-bend fitting)
  • 50W replacement globe
  • Globe length: 325 mm
  • Black daisy wheel on end to turn and secure into position in the bug zapper
  • Self ballasted globe
  • Rated at 6000 hours
  • Only for use in Yard Guard 50W with Edison screw fittings
  • For optimum operation of your bug zapper, replace the UV globe every 12 months as the UV coating breaks down with use.
  • Warranty on replacement bulbs is 3 months from the date of purchase
  • Please call the office on 1800 677 982 with any warranty inquiries

Globe Model Numbers. #71460

Bug Zapper Model numbers 

  •  Yard Guard 50W #71550

* NB For attracting flies and mosquitoes outdoors we recommend baiting the bug zapper- refer Mozzie Attract. and Fly attract

Also available from Bunnings special orders here


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