Mozzie Attack Plus Mosquito Zapper

Mozzie Attack Plus Model 71355

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Mozzie Attack Plus mosquito zapper

The mozzie attack bug zapper uses a mosquito lure and special black UV globe to attract biting insects to the bug zapper.

The high voltage electrified grid zaps insects as they fly into the bug zapper.

The lure is scientifically approved and is safe to use at home around family and pets.


  • Weatherproof construction for outdoor use.
  • Replaceable special Black UV globe.
  • Globe glows purple.
  • Slow Release Octenol in separate cage for quick attachment.
  • Replace lure after 30 days of use.

Operating the mosquito zapper

Best use: Operate 24 hours/ day to stop the breading cycle
Standard use: Operate from dusk to dawn
Replacement Globe No. 71452
Mozzie Attract Lure. 71620

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